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A book lover’s thoughts..

“I read books because I love them, not because I think I should read them.”
― Simon Van Booy

Every book lover’s dream is to have their own library where they can just read all they want. As a bookworm, that is also my dream. I started reading when I was 12 years old and I was influenced by one of my classmates in highschool. I can still remember the series that I’ve read back then, it was “The Baby-Sitters Club” by Ann M. Martin. I honestly was not that into reading during my younger years but when I started reading the series, that was when my love for reading developed.

Now, I love reading books and I love buying books. Before, I only buy book that I want to read and since I was only in high school back then, I only buy books if I have saved my allowance. I buy my books in book sales before where it’s way way cheaper than those in bookstores. I only started buying more books when I was on my last few years in college and now because I am already working and I don’t need to save to buy books (I need to stop buying books to save! Haha!).



Whenever I go to bookstores or booksales, I feel so calm and relaxed. I don’t know why but whenever I’m stressed, I’d like to go to a bookstore or even just sit down and read a book. And when I buy books, I don’t usually care how much I spend. (Well I guess I would care if it’s more than 150 dollars already. Haha!) That’s why I go to book fairs and book sales so I could buy more books for a lesser value. 🙂


Most people say that reading is boring and that they don’t have time to read books and that it will take a long time for them to finish a book. That is why some of my friends ask me why I bother reading books, or why I waste my time reading it. I tell them reading is not a waste of time. When you read you can learn a lot of things and I’m sure all those bookworms out there would agree with me. There’s also this weird feeling as if you imagine that you’re part of the story and that you can relate to the story and relate with the characters.

If you say you don’t have time to read a book because you are a busy person, well if you really want to, you would find time for it. And if you say that it would take you a long time to read it, well it’s alright if it would take you a year, at least you’ve read a book. You should just find a book that would interest you and if you start reading that, you will read and read and read and read. 🙂