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Hello there! :)

Here I go again with a new blog. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to be a blogger who posts regularly but I guess I do not have the time and ideas. Hahaha!Well actually I do have ideas and I’ve already started blogging a long time ago. But I wasn’t able to update my blog regularly so I just decided to delete it. I also think that my previous blog doesn’t really feel like me(if you know what I mean) because I doesn’t feel like me. Hahahaha!

But I hope that with I can be consistent with this blog. I think I just have to treat this as my journal wherein I can post whatever I want and whatever I feel like posting or sharing. I may not be sure if someone will be reading my posts here but I do hope that whoever reads my posts can learn something from it.
Maybe I would be posting about some of my realisations, my experiences at work, and many more. I always think of many things but sometimes I forget about all of those because I never write it anywhere and it’s just sad becasue sometimes I’d like to share it and I would want to ask for opinions. But I would eventually forget it because I am the type of person who easily forget the things I’m thinking. And I’m also not good with updating a written journal so I would try journaling here.
I hope I will enjoy blogging here and that those who will read will also enjoy it. 🙂
I’ll be posting again soon (I hope)! 🙂